The revolution of secure data

First to market patented chip technology that will make any system impenetrable to hacking technology
With the ushering in of the digital age, war and crime has moved from distant lands to the inside of our pockets.

Your phone, your computer, your car, and even your seemingly harmless activity band, have the capabilities to allow an outsider access to your entire digital footprint. What is your digital footprint? Digital crumbs left behind that expose every web search, every bank login, and every location you’ve visited with the cell phone in your pocket. Personal details that you have a right to keep private. When you lose your rights, you lose your freedom. When you lose your freedom, who owns it? Syrbal technologies will set you free. Take back your right to digital privacy and security.

Utilizing our patented chip and quantum resistant methodology, Syrbal can create pre-packaged or custom integrated solutions for business and government entities. Our technologies are deliverable by physical integration of our chip, downloading our app through both the Google and Apple stores, and by downloading additional encryption softwares.

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Syrbal is a first to market, proprietary technology that entitles the user to have a fully secure system without compromising on speed or the structural integrity of the secured data. The chips are an all-in-one blanket for all devices on its system (e.g., Cell Phones, Tablets, Laptops, Desktops, and Servers).

Our Chip
Our Chip

Our fully patented chip redefines
data security.

By providing unprecedented control of the storage medium and unparalleled protection, in addition to a host of world first features and derivatives, we shift the paradigm for data protection.

We redefine how data input is structured by layering our data technologies, which provide a nearly infinite combination of data structures.

Our Software

When used in conjunction with our chip, it provides uncompromised levels of security and privacy for the data and its storage mediums, truly a level beyond anything currently available on the market.

To have an idea about the level of protection and security our technologies provide, multiple quantum computers working continuously will not be able to decode a single point of data protected by Syrbal technology.

The permutations of our layered technologies run higher than the number of atoms in the universe leaving no basis on which to decipher the data.

Future Vision

Information security has become a high priority for organizations globally due to ever evolving threats, complex infrastructure and limited security response teams. The market attempted to address these problems with innovative gadgets and ever advancing security tools designed for specific issues. This in itself brings challenges as companies struggle to integrate and balance the plethora of security mix and match options available on the market. Large firms race to plug gaps in their digital security by acquiring various technologies and mixing them into complex security management dashboards, chasing the unattainable goal of a tightly integrated system without chinks in the armor.

Syrbal offers a simple solution - a holistic approach that changes the foundation of how data is stored and protected. We don’t play the game, we dictate the rules. We are pioneering intelligent solutions that birth a new era of privacy and data security where your digital life is never compromised and your privacy is not for sale. The future of business will be won by companies who can quickly and confidently make decisions knowing their digital legacies are protected and their data is secured.

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We continually source the best and brightest talent. If you are up to the challenge of fighting next generation battles, please reach out to us with your resume and let us know why you would be a good fit for Syrbal.

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We continually source the best and brightest talent. If you are up to the challenge of fighting next generation battles, please reach out to us with your resume and let us know why you would be a good fit for Syrbal.

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